Physics of Emerging Materials Workshop (POEM)

The CEM Internal Advisory Council, a grassroots committee of CEM students and postdoctoral researchers, created this workshop to inform the Center’s direction and improve the educational and research experiences of CEM students. POEM will be composed of tutorials by faculty, student talks, poster sessions, and will provide extensive opportunities for interaction between CEM students. This internal workshop is closed to the public.

Organizers – CEM Internal Advisory Council
r. Jyoti Katoch (Chair, Postdoc in IRG-2)
Grady Gambrel (Graduate Research Member, IRG-2)
Tim McCormick (Graduate Research Member, IRG-1)
Keng Yuan Mark Meng (Graduate Research Member, IRG-3)
Arati Prakash (Graduate Research Member, IRG-3)
Jacob Repicky (Graduate Research Member, IRG-2)
Phuong Tran (Graduate Research Member, IRG-1)
Jie Xiong (Graduate Research Member, IRG-1)

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