Calendar of Events

Volunteer: Breakfast of Science Champions
Nov 11 @ 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

Volunteers Needed! Comets, craters and computer hard drives, oh my… The CEM and the CCAPP team up as students and teachers from local Columbus schools explore hands-on activities including a super conducting train exhibition, liquid nitrogen demonstrations, nanomagnetism and computer activities, snowballs and explosions in our solar system. Participants begin the morning by having breakfast with scientists and a visit to the planetarium; the rest of the morning is spent engaging in hands-on science activities. (Workshops last approximately 2.5 hours- including breakfast.) Prior to this event, volunteers visited the school to teach an astronomy lesson and following the event, the students returned to OSU for a planetarium visit and a career activity led by CCAPP volunteers.

Contact Michelle McCombs(.75) to volunteer.