CEM Internal Advisory Council

The CEM Internal Advisory Council was created in 2016 to advise the Center in the interests of students and postdocs. It is open to all students or postdoctoral researchers affiliated in any way with the MRSEC (funding/tuition from the Center is not required). The Council meets to offer input on current and future directions within the MRSEC and receives a budget to spend on its own initiatives or events.

The CEM Internal Advisory Council also seeks to be a resource and advocate for students/postdocs. In addition to sharing feedback or ideas to council members, the Council offers advocacy and support to its constituents.

Please contact the Chair to get involved or seek support.

Upcoming Initiatives:
Physics of Emerging Materials (POEM) Workshop 2.0

CEM Internal Advisory Council
Dr. Adam Ahmed (Chair, CEM Postdoc)
Aidan Lee (Graduate Research Member, IRG-3)
Keng Yuan Mark Meng (Graduate Research Member, IRG-1)
Sara Mueller (Graduate Research Member, IRG-2)
Jacob Repicky (Graduate Research Member, IRG-2)
Phuong Tran (Graduate Research Member, IRG-1)

Past Members:
Jack Brangham (Graduate Research Member, IRG-3)
Grady Gambrel (Graduate Research Member, IRG-2)
Dr. Jyoti Katoch (Chair, Postdoc in IRG-2)
Tim McCormick (Graduate Research Member, IRG-1)
Arati Prakash (Graduate Research Member, IRG-3)
Jie Xiong (Graduate Research Member, IRG-1)

The advisory council can be reached at cem.iac.osu@gmail.com