Mini Course Fall 2023

The CEM Internal Advisory Council is thrilled to extend a warm welcome to you as we introduce our seminar series for this semester. We believe that this series will change the way we engage with complex topics and foster meaningful discussions among our members.

In acknowledging the challenges we faced in our previous seminar formats, both speakers and attendees struggled with the constraints of a one-hour session. Speakers found it demanding to condense their research into concise presentations, often leaving out critical details. Similarly, attendees faced difficulty following the rapid development of talks, often leaving seminars with only a partial understanding.

In light of these observations, we are excited to present a fresh approach—a minicourse series. This new format will allow each speaker the flexibility of presenting a series of talks throughout the month, ranging from 2 to 4 sessions, enabling them to delve deeper into their research topics.

For this month’s inaugural series, we are honored to have Professor Rolando Valdés Aguilar share his insights on THz spectroscopy and the detection of magnons. We are confident that this format will provide a richer learning experience for all participants and facilitate a more in-depth exploration of complex subjects.

This upcoming series will be hosted in the PRB 4138 on Fridays at 3:30 p.m.

Series 1:

09/29:    Lecture 1: Prof. Rolando Valdés Aguilar – THz spectroscopy

10/06:    Lecture 2: Prof. Rolando Valdés Aguilar – THz spectroscopy

10/27:    Lecture 3: Prof. Rolando Valdés Aguilar – THz spectroscopy                         Note: Just for this time, the third talk of this series will start at 3:00 pm

11/03:    Lecture 4: Prof. Rolando Valdés Aguilar – THz spectroscopy