Major User Centers

  • NanoSystems Laboratory (NSL)
    NSL is closely related to CEM, providing the majority of facility support for CEM experimental research. Investigators from CEM are involved in the management of the center and have contributed to the acquisition of three of the facilities instruments. Staff support for the facility is also partially provided by CEM. NSL is a key partner in the collaboration between CEM and Lake Shore Cryotronics, Inc., which manufactures cryogenic temperature sensors and instrumentation in Westerville, Ohio.
  • Center for Electron Microscopy and Analysis (CEMAS)
    CEMAS, which opened in a brand new custom-designed facility in September 2013, is a world-class microscopy facility providing an array of electron microscopy and ion-beam instruments. One of the largest microscopy centers in any academic environment in North America, CEMAS is closely linked to the CEM. The facility is directed by D. McComb, investigator in IRG-1 & IRG-2. CEM funding is currently supporting a technical staff member at the facility, Senior Research Officer Robert Williams (IRG-2).
  • Nanotech West Laboratory (NTW)
    Nanotech West houses state-of-the-art facilities including a 6,000 square foot biohybrid laboratory and a 5,000 square foot class 100 cleanroom specializing in micro and nanoscale fabrication and material synthesis with a full-flow 100mm process capability. NTW includes a wide array of major facilities, all staffed, coordinated and serviced by research scientists, engineers and technicians. The laboratory is maintained by 10 full-time engineering and administrative staff and is a central facility for wide areas of materials research.
  • Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC)
    The Ohio Supercomputer Center is a statewide resource that provides supercomputing, cyberinfrastructure, and research and educational resources to a diverse state and national community, including education, academic research, industry and state government. OSC High Performance Computing (HPC) provides a service of key importance to CEM members. OSC operates two main HPC systems that include the Oakley and Glenn Clusters. The Oakley Cluster is the newest HP Intel Xeon machine with 8,300+ cores. One node has 1 TB of RAM and 32 cores, for large SMP style jobs. One in every 10 nodes has 2 Nvidia Tesla GPU accelerators. The Glenn Cluster is a 5,300+ core IBM AMD Opteron machine. OSC also provides more than 2 PB of storage, and another 2 PB of tape backup.