TopoMag23 Crash Course

TopoMag23 Crash Course 


The CEM-IAC is hosting a short tutorial on topology and frustrated magnetism the Friday prior to the TopoMag23 event (May 12th). While there is a whole day dedicated to tutorials on Monday, we think it is in the best interest of students that have little to no background in the field to have a quick overview of key basic topics beforehand. In addition to the physical session, we are allowing access through Zoom for those who cannot come to OSU on that day.

Location and Time:

Friday, May 12th at 12:00 EST (9:00 PST)

In-person: PRB Smith Seminar room (Room 1080)

Online: Join remotely over Zoom by clicking here or using the info below:
ID : 995 9536 2688
Access Code: CEM-IAC

Topics covered:

  • Quantum Spin Liquids (QSL) and frustrated magnetism
  • Fundamentals of topology
  • Transport by electrons, phonons and magnons, topological or not



Shi Feng

Prof. Joseph P. Heremans

Prof. Brian Skinner