Poster Session

Poster Size:

All posters shall be 36″ x 48″ landscape orientation.


All attendees are expected to bring their own printed posters to the conference.


Day 1 (October 13th):

First Name Last Name Poster Title Poster Number
Mina Mandic Fluorophore Self-Assembly in Liquid Crystals 1
Alex Giovannone The Spintronic Terahertz Emitter Mount 2
Alexis Agosto Quantum Donuts and Electronic Systems 3
Andrea Gabriela Monroy Borrego Three methods for inoculation of viral vectors into plants 4
Andrew Kwon Tuning Electrochemical Performance of Alluaudite Compounds for Na-ion Battery Cathodes 5
Ashlie Hamilton Three Dimensional Thinking: Effects of Atomic Interfacial Structure on Nanolaminate Mechanical Behavior 6
Brooke Smith Pulsed laser deposition and characterization of titanium nitride and oxynitride thin films for alternative energy applications 7
Cathy Cheng Sequence Modifications for pH Responsive Peptide Fiber Assembly 8
Chao-Wei (Sophia) Huang Enhancing Piezoelectric Potential in a Gel Composite through the Tuning of Matrix Dielectric Constant 9
Elina Ghimire Trainable Soft Materials using Dynamic Liquid Crystal Elastomers 10
Francisco Marques dos Santos Vieira High Entropy Perovskites for Transparent Conductors 11
Gabriela Gomez-Dopazo Low-cost enzyme sensors based on liquid marbles and paper microwell plate 12
Hoa Nguyen First-principles Studies on Optoelectronic Properties of TeO2 Polymorphs 13
Jalianet Roman Operando Raman spectroscopic studies on the active species for promoted Ag-based propylene epoxidation with molecular oxygen 14
Justin Mayer Understanding deformation mechanisms in B2 intermetallics via first principles modeling 15
Kaushik Sarkar Magnetocaloric effect in superparamagnetic iron nanoparticles embedded in a titanium nitride thin film matrix 16
Melissa Orr Versatility of Tellurium in Heteroanionic Ln2O2Te (Ln = La, Ce, Pr) and Tellurate Ln2TeO6 (Ln = La, Pr) 17
Michael Friend Machine Learning & High Throughput Synthesis for Discovery of Color-switching DNA-AgNCs 18
Nia Allen Soft Matter Peptide Conjugates for Targeted Therapies 19
Poulomi Chakraborty Thermoelectric Effect in Topological Materials 20
Rifat Mahbub Composite film of spin crossover complex and ferroic nanoparticles 21
Samra Tekle Imaging Bulk PtTe2 Quantum Material 22
Simon Huynh Elastic Instability of Cylindrical Vessels Immersed in Fluid 23
Tara Karimzadeh Sabet Temperature-Dependent Compositional Stability and Electric Polarization of High-Entropy Perovskites for Electrocaloric Cooling Applications 24
Vanessa Jones Fabrication of Iron Nanoparticles Embedded in Titanium Nitride Thin-Films for Magnetic Refrigeration 25
Vicente Ramos-Veliz Redox Fueled Dissipative Self Assembly 26

Day 2 (October 14th):

First Name Last Name Poster Title Poster Number
Abiodun Odusanya Titanium oxynitride material system for water-splitting applications- a study of OER. 1
Alec Milbourne Use of Sr(B,B’)O3 Perovskites for transparent Semiconductors 2
Alexandra Friestman Diffusional Modeling in Singlet Fission Capable Materials (co-presenting with Kelly Biv) 3
Amyra Black P-doping wse2 with oxygen plasma 4
Archibald Williams Synthesis and Characterization of Topological Magnon Candidate Materials 5
Aryanna Jones The combined use of hydrogel and hemp for water restoration 6
Camaryn Bennett Science Outreach through UChicago MRSEC 7
Colin Fried A Macroscopic Investigation of Wettability Characteristics for Modified Heat Exchanger Surfaces 8
Dylan Jeff Metal-Mediated Exfoliation of Quantum Materials 9
Ethiopine Choping First-Principles Study of Photoelastic Effect in Zinc Blende Gallium Phosphide 10
Isabel Hortal Sanchez Production of lactic acid from fructose in polar aprotic solvents using Sn-Beta as catalyst 11
Jacob Som 2D Transition Metal Oxynitride System for Supercapacitor Application 12
Kehinde Omotayo Homogenization-based optimization of lattice structure using granular micro mechanics approach 13
Kelly Biv Diffusional Modeling in Singlet Fission Capable Materials (co-presenting with Alexandra Friestman) 3
Kyron Thomas Motion of Oil Droplets Driven by Self-Propelled Titania Micromotors 14
Liela Clarke High-entropy oxide thin films electrochemical characterization 15
Luis Tomar The Effects of Surface Engineering on the Growth of Ruthenium through Atomic Layer Deposition 16
Manosi Roy Dimensionality Effect on Photocatalytic Properties of Titanium Nitride Thin Films 17
Mohammed Karaki Efficient Symmetry-Based Discovery of Topological Magnon Materials 18
Roberto Santos Fabrication and emerging properties of CdSe hirerarchical metamaterials ​ 19
Shahriar Muhammad Nahid Mechanical Switching of Electrical Polarization in 2D α-In2Se3 20
Sophie Paul Origarments: modular garments for an improved tactile and sensory experience 21
Tom Lee Atomic-scale origin of the low grain-boundary resistance in perovskite solid electrolyte Li0.375Sr0.4375Ta0.75Zr0.25O3 22
Trinh Thao My Nguyen Effects of Bisphosphonate Molecules on the Kinetics of Calcium Carbonate Precipitation and Morphology Selection 23
Victor Cortez The Effects of a Titanium Dioxide Shell on Methylene Blue 24
Zhangqi Zheng Ellipsometry for Simultaneous Strain and Stoichiometry Changes in Functional Oxide Thin Films 25
Yannelly Ann Serrano Rosario Earth-abundant transition metal-based catalytic systems on zirconium phosphate supports for the oxygen evolution reaction 26