Education + Outreach

ehrd1CEM strives to increase the quantity and quality of scientists and engineers well-prepared to contribute to and lead research, development, and commercialization in materials-related fields. Through focused, coordinated, and sustained activities that engage groups extending from elementary school students through faculty ranks, the CEM addresses three specific objectives:

Enhancing classroom education through:

  • Rigorous, quantitative evaluation of student learning

  • Education research-based curriculum development

  • Integrated CEM-related topics/techniques in grad courses and advanced labs

  • Improving learning, retention in courses related to bridge program

  • Generating journal publications and national conference presentations

  • Training PhD’s in materials-related education research

Creating research internship opportunities including:

  • Strong REU program with high URM representation

  • Significant participation by students with disabilities

Widening the Science-Technology-Engineering-Math (STEM) “pipeline,” particularly in materials-related disciplines by:

  • Significantly increasing URM PhD students via MS-to-PhD Bridge Program

  • Impacting 100 teachers and 1000’s of students from high-need K-12 schools

Tightly interwoven with CEM’s Education & Outreach activities are Diversity Enhancement efforts aimed at enhancing diversity in science and engineering by eliminating barriers to the success of underrepresented groups.

Our Education & Outreach program includes:

Education & Outreach Leadership

  • Andrew Heckler, Associate Professor, Dept. of Physics (Education and Outreach Director)
  • Rolando Valdes Aguliar, Professor, Dept. of Physics (REU Program)
  • Shirley L. Yu, Associate Professor, Dept. of Educational Studies – Educational Psychology
  • Michelle McCombs, Education and Outreach Program Manager