2020-2026 PREM: California State University, Long Beach


Partnership for Research and Education in Materials (PREM)

with California State University, Long Beach (CSULB)


The NSF PREM Program seeks to enable, build, and grow partnerships between minority-serving institutions and DMR-supported centers with goal of increasing recruitment, retention and degree attainment for underrepresented groups in materials research, while supporting excellent research and education initiatives.

Visit the CSULB PREM page here.


The Partnership Research Groups (PRG) include:

  • PRG-1: Topological Aspects of Magnetism
  • PRG-2: Quantum Materials for QIS in Reduced Dimensions
  • PRG-3: Biomolecule Topology and Props.

Broader Impacts

The CSULB-OSU Partnership impacts students and researchers from undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate and faculty at both partner institutions:

  • Link two APS Bridge Program sites (OSU and CSULB)
  • Provide CSULB undergraduate students with research experiences
  • Create an OSU graduate student and postdoc exchange at CSULB
  • Expand CSULB faculty research programs and productivity
  • Increase OSU research collaborations and access to well-trained student pool
  • Create Opportunities for significant achievements for URM students
    • Thesis-based CSULB MS degrees
    • CSULB/OSU collaborative published papers with CSULB student authors


Prof. Michael Peterson, Assoc. Professor of Physics
Prof. Ryan Blair. Assoc. Professor of Mathematics
Prof. Jiyeong Gu, Professor of Physics

Prof. Andreas Bill, Professor of Physics
Prof. Shahab Derakhshan, Professor of Chemistry
Prof. Thomas Gredig, Professor of Physics
Prof. Alex Klotz, Asst. Professor of Physics
Prof. Chuhee Kwon, Professor of Physics
Prof. Claudia Ojeda-Aristizabal, Asst. Professor of Physics

Prof. Jay Gupta, Assoc. Professor of Physics
Prof. P. Chris Hammel, Ohio Eminent Scholar and Professor of Physics (Director)

Prof. Ralf Bundschuh, Professor of Physics
Prof. Carlos Castro, Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Prof. Josh Goldberger, Profesor of Chemistry
Prof. Andrew Heckler, Professor of Physics
Prof. Zeke Johnston-Halperin, Professor of Physics
Prof. Roland Kawakami, Professor of Physics
Prof. Michael Poirier, Professor of Physics
Michelle Richard, Program Director for Education & Outreach
Prof. Nandini Trivedi, Professor of Physics
Prof. Pat Woodward, Professor of Chemistry