DSCF5022Since its inception, CEM has played a central role in strengthening the materials research facilities at
OSU and will continue to maintain and enhance current shared facilities. CEM provides diverse, reliable research infrastructure, as well as training and guidance for the CEM, OSU and central Ohio materials research communities and, through membership in the Materials
Research Facilities Network (MRFN), the nation. Access to multi-user and state-of-the-art experimental facilities is essential to achieve and maintain the level of cutting-edge research being conducted by CEM researchers.

Ohio State’s vast multidisciplinary materials community is already home to extensive, world-class facilities to support all aspects of the CEM’s experimental and computational research. CEM’s shared experimental facilities include centralized facilities that are focused in particular specialties (e.g. electron microscopy, epitaxy, nanolithography) as well as large shared spaces (dedicated labs, buildings) that house highly complementary equipment which requires both proximity and unique infrastructure (e.g., cleanrooms, chemical preparation).