2017 Physics of Emergent Materials Workshop (POEM)

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Workshop: May 23rd-25th, 2017

The Ohio State University (campus map- location marked)
Physics Research Building
191 W Woodruff Ave
Columbus, Ohio 43210

The CEM Internal Advisory Council, a grassroots committee of CEM students and postdoctoral researchers, created this workshop to inform the Center’s direction and improve the educational and research experiences of CEM students. POEM will be composed of tutorials by faculty, student talks, poster sessions, and will provide extensive opportunities for interaction between CEM students (on and offsite), and students at NMHU (New Mexico Highlands University), as well as CEM faculty. The workshop also  provides a platform to CEM faculty for exchange of innovative ideas to further the research direction of CEM. This internal workshop is closed to the public

Organizers – CEM Internal Advisory Council
r. Jyoti Katoch (Chair, Postdoc in IRG-2)
Jack Brangham (Graduate Research Member, IRG-3)
Grady Gambrel (Graduate Research Member, IRG-2)
Tim McCormick (Graduate Research Member, IRG-1)
Keng Yuan Mark Meng (Graduate Research Member, IRG-3)
Arati Prakash (Graduate Research Member, IRG-3)
Jacob Repicky (Graduate Research Member, IRG-2)
Phuong Tran (Graduate Research Member, IRG-1)
Jie Xiong (Graduate Research Member, IRG-1)

contact CEM Internal Advisory Council with questions

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Nandini Trivedi
Jos Heremans
Jack Brangham
Chi Zhang
Arati Prakash
Koen Vandaele
Bryan D. Esser
Maxx Arguilla
Yunqiu (Kelly) Luo
Carola Purser
Kyusung Hwang

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Venue & Lodging

Workshop Location
Physics Research Building (PRB)
191 W. Woodruff Ave.
Columbus, OH 43210

Suggested Lodging
The Blackwell
2110 Tuttle Park Place
Columbus, Ohio 43210
Phone: 614-247-4000

SpringHill Suites Columbus
1421 Olentangy River Road
Columbus, Ohio 43212 USA
(614) 297-9912

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Schedule (PDF here)

May 23rd (Tuesday) in Smith Seminar Room, Atrium
9:00-9:45 am              PREM introduction to CEM (CEM internal advisory council)
9:45- 11:00 am            CEM research overview poster session for PREM
11:00- Noon                NSL lab tours
Noon- 1:30 pm           Lunch, walk off-campus
1:30- 5:00 pm             Research lab tours and research discussions
5:00-5:45 pm              Welcome and CEM overview talk (Prof. Chris Hammel)
5:45- 6:00 pm             Student poster setup
6:00-7:30 pm              Evening reception

May 24th (Wednesday) in Smith Seminar Room, Atrium
8:00-8:45 am                 Breakfast
8:45- 9:00 am                Announcements
9:00- 10:30 am              Tutorial 1- Spin-orbit coupling (Nandini Trivedi- notes,                                                  summary of lecture, other resources, other resources)
10:30- 11:00 am            Coffee break
11:00- 11:30 am            Student Talk: Jack Brangham
11:30- Noon                  Student Talk: Chi Zhang
Noon- 1:30 pm              Lunch
1:30- 3:00 pm                Tutorial 2- Irreversible Thermodynamics and Transport (Jos Heremans- notes)
3:00-3:30 pm                 Coffee Break and group photo
3:30-4:00 pm                Student Talk: Arati Prakash
4:00-4:30 pm                 Student Talk: Koen Vandaele
4:30-6:30 pm                 Poster Session
6:30-8:00 pm                 Dinner

May 25th (Thursday) in Smith Seminar Room, Atrium
8:00-8:45am                  Breakfast
8:45- 9:00 am                Announcements
9:00- 10:30 am             Tutorial 3- Topology in band structures (Nandini Trivedi- notes)
10:30- 11:00 am            Coffee break
11:00- 11:30 am           Student Talk: Bryan D. Esser
11:30- Noon                 Student Talk: Maxx Arguilla
Noon- 1:30 pm              Lunch
1:30- 2:00 pm              Student Talk: Kelly Luo
2:00- 2:30 pm              Student Talk: Carola Purser
2:30-3:00 pm               Student Talk: Kyusung Hwang
3:00-3:30 pm                Coffee and closing remarks
3:30-4:30 pm                Brainstorming future research directions

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Registration closed Sunday, April 23rd.

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Abstract and Talk Updates

Please contact CEM Internal Advisory Council to update your titles and abstracts

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