Q-PHORIA 2024: Quantum Phenomena in Magnetic Materials

Q-PHORIA 2024: Quantum Phenomena in Magnetic Materials
(2nd Quantum Pennsylvania and oHiO RegInal Annual conference)

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October 3-4

The Ohio State University
Physics Research Building
191 W Woodruff Ave
Columbus, Ohio 43210

Q-PHORIA is an annual conference founded by the 4 organizers in 2023. The motivation of the Q-PHORIA conferences is to bring condensed matter physicists from the Ohio and Pennsylvania region together, to enhance existing collaborations and to initiate new collaborations in quantum condensed matter physics. We hope to attract interested faculty, students and postdocs from the neighboring institutions in the region to this conference, and to provide an in-person platform for researchers from the region to learn cutting-edge science and to interact with each other. The 2024 conference is the 2nd one of the annual series, following the 1st conference in University of Pittsburgh on Oct. 5-6, 2023

As a central topic of modern condensed matter physics, quantum magnetism provides a prime example of how strong correlations can lead to new emergent quantum phenomena beyond the band theory of weakly interacting electrons. One such phenomenon is quantum spin liquid, where fractionalized collective excitations emerge in correlated magnetic materials due to quantum many-body entanglement therein. In recent years, the breakthrough in two-dimensional (2D) materials also leads to new progress in 2D magnetism. Motivated by the exciting progress, the topic of the 2024 Q-PHORIA conference is “Quantum Phenomena in Magnetic Materials”. 

This 2-day conference will take place at the Physics Department of The Ohio State University, during Oct. 3-4, 2024. It will start with lunch at 11am on Thursday (Oct. 3) and ends at 3pm on Friday (Oct. 4). The conference will cover two lunches on both Thursday and Friday, Friday breakfast, and coffee breaks for all participants.

The 2024 Q-PHORIA conference consists of 15 invited talks and a poster session. The length of each invited talk is 20 minutes, followed by 10 minutes’ Q&A by the audience. The poster session is scheduled to be on Thursday afternoon, and we invite each poster presenter to submit a 1-slide summary for the poster.

Yuan-Ming Lu (Ohio State University)
Shubhayu Chatterjee (Carnegie Mellon University)
Ribhu Kaul (Penn State University)
Roger Mong (University of Pittsburgh)

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  • Magnetism in two-dimensional (2D) materials
    • Theory
    • Experiment
  • Fractionalization and entanglement in quantum spin liquids
    • Theory proposals of new probes
    • Experiments: neutron scattering and magneto-transport
  • Hybrid magnetic systems
    • Kondo lattices
    • Interfacial magnetism
  • Transport in magnetic materials
    • Anomalous and topological Hall effects
    • Thermal Hall effects
    • Spin transport

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Invited Speakers
William Gannon (University of Kentucky)
Mikel Holcomb (West Virginia University)
Jyoti Katoch (Carnegie Mellon University)
Roland Kawakami (Ohio State University)
Yashar Komijani (University of Cincinnati)
Jeremy Levy (University of Pittsburgh)
Lu Li (University of Michigan)
Ganpathy Murthy (University of Kentucky)
Gerardo Ortiz (Indiana University)
Kai Sun (University of Michigan)
Mohit Randeria (Ohio State University)
Simranjeet Singh (Carnegie Mellon University)
Nandini Trivedi (Ohio State University)
Fengyuan Yang (Ohio State University)
Shulei Zhang (Case Western Reserve University)

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Venue & Lodging

Workshop Location
Physics Research Building (PRB)
191 W. Woodruff Ave.
Columbus, OH 43210

Blackwell Inn
2110 Tuttle Park Pl
Columbus, OH 43210

The campus parking map at Ohio State University can be found below:
–There are a few parking lots close to Blackwell Inn, colored green and yellow on the  campus parking map, such as the Stadium Lot: Northeast.
–The garage closest to Blackwell Inn is the Lane Ave. Garage.

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Program & Abstracts

Under Construction

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Register at the link below. Currently, there is no registration fee.
Registration deadline: Aug. 31st, 2024
Tentative registration capacity: 100 participants

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