Center for Emergent Materials: an NSF MRSEC

The Center for Emergent Materials engages researchers from multiple disciplines to work in teams on scientific problems too complex for a single researcher to solve. The CEM, established in 2008, is located at The Ohio State University and funded by a National Science Foundation MRSEC award.

$17.9 Million NSF Grant Renewal Funds Center for Emergent Materials’ Broad Impact Science

December 8, 2014

It has just been announced that the National Science Foundation (NSF) has renewed funding for Ohio State’s Center for Emergent Materials (CEM): an NSF Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC).

The six-year, $17.9 million grant funds Ohio State’s adventurous, long-term studies of forward-looking new materials that are on the very edge of the possible.

“This is not about short-term funding that has clearly-defined achievable goals. Rather, the focus is on adventurous, foundational research that enables far-reaching technologies. Great science is the heart of this funding,” said P. Christopher Hammel, Ohio Eminent Scholar, physics professor and director of the Center for Emergent Materials, NSF MRSEC.

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Overview of Research on Spintronics Utilizing Graphene: Nobel Prize Winning Material

October 6, 2014

Band structure topologies of graphene with spin–orbit coupling in a transverse electric field

Band structure topologies of graphene with spin–orbit coupling in a transverse electric field

CEM researcher Roland Kawakami, along with collaborators W. Han, M. Gmitra, & J. Fabian, have published a review of the state-of-the-art of graphene spintronics in Nature Nanotechnology.  Graphene, a single atom-thick layer of graphite, was the subject of the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics. In the review, Dr. Kawakami and his co-authors describe the current state of research into using graphene for spintronics– next generation computation using a material property called spin to produce faster & smaller computers which consume less energy.

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2015 OSU Materials Research Seed Grant Program RFP is Announced

December 5, 2014

We are pleased to announce the 2015 OSU Materials Research Seed Grant Program Request for Proposals is now available. This internal seed grant program is open to The Ohio State University materials community and offers two funding tiers, exploratory and multidisciplinary team building, to cover the breadth of materials research at OSU.

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2015 Materials Research Seed Grant Program RFP