Graduate Student Professional Development Course (PHYS 7891)

The CEM Graduate Student Professional Development Course provides preparation for the workforce after obtaining a Ph.D. in STEM fields. Many techniques learned in this course can be directly applied while in graduate school, and students are encouraged to practice these techniques at OSU career fairs, scientific conferences, and other appropriate venues. Several speakers from across OSU will provide students with professional development techniques as well as provide resources and contacts for further information.

Upon successful completion of the course, students will have:
1.  Designed an Individual Development Plan (IDP).
2.  Constructed a resume and CV.
3.  Built a LinkedIn page.
4.  Mastered the techniques and tools to approach an interview effectively.
5.  Participated in a mock interview.
6.  Learned techniques of mentoring, collaboration, and communication in the workplace.
7.  Understood how to secure and negotiate an offer.
8.  Gained skills necessary to succeed in and navigate the workplace environment.

The proposed list of topics for the semester can be found in syllabus: Professional Development Course Syllabus

For more information about the course, you may contact: