IRG-1: Metal/Magnetic-Insulator Interfaces

IRG-1: Creation and Control of Metal/Magnetic-Insulator Interfaces

image of IRG-1 research

The development of novel magnetic systems enabling fast, efficient control of magnetic states is essential to advancing next-generation spin-electronics. IRG-1 is exploring a highly promising approach utilizing little-explored magnetic structures founded on insulating magnets and innovative means of controlling spins. This multidisciplinary team will establish a new regime for the creation and understanding of novel static/dynamic magnetic phases and multipronged control of the magnetic states in interface-driven metal/magnetic insulator systems.


  • This IRG will advance the development of MI interfacial platforms, provide insights into the charge and spin dynamics down to the fs/as time scales, and achieve novel control of the magnetic states, which will be made available to the research community.
  • The team brings together diverse, multidisciplinary expertise including atomic-molecular-optical and condensed matter physics, chemistry, and materials sciences and engineering, to provide a rich collaborative environment in which graduate, undergraduate students, and postdocs perform cutting-edge, team-based research. CEM students and postdocs will benefit tremendously from this center-wide community, in which they develop collaboration and leadership skills.
  • IRG-1 members have a strong record of actively engaging students from underrepresented minority groups in research, including those from OSU, the REU program, and community colleges. IRG-1 PIs play important roles in the OSU Physics Bridge Program in recruiting and advising the Bridge students. The supportive and collaborative environment within CEM will help Bridge students overcome the barriers in course work and research and improves their sense of belonging.

IRG-1 Faculty

Prof. Jinwoo Hwang, Assoc. Professor of Materials Science Engr.(Co-Leader)
Prof. Fengyuan Yang, Professor of Physics (Co-Leader)
Prof. L. Robert Baker, Assoc. Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry
Prof. Maryam Ghazisaeidi, Assoc. Professor of Materials Science Engr.
Prof. P. Chris Hammel, Professor of Physics
Prof. Jyoti Katoch+, Asst. Professor of Physics at Carnegie Mellon University
Prof. Roland Kawakami, Professor of Physics
Prof. Alexandra S. Landsman, Assoc. Professor of Physics
Prof. Mohit Randeria, Professor of Physics
Prof. Simran Singh+, Asst. Professor of Physics at Carnegie Mellon University

Prof. Patrick M. Woodward, Professor of Chemistry