CEM Kicks Off 2015 Science Sunday Lecture Series, Hosts Dr. Jeff Childress (HGST)

Science Sundays, a free lecture series open to the public, provides a wide range of current and emerging topics and issues in science that touch our everyday lives. Speakers are experts in their fields from on campus and around the world with experience in making their topics interesting and accessible for audiences of all ages, with or without a science background.

CEM kicked off this year’s program by hosting Dr. Jeff Childress, Research Director at HGST (a Western Digital company in San Jose, California). His talk, “Science and technology of data storage,” was widely attended at the Ohio Union and well-received. Childress articulated the needs and mechanics of data storage throughout our information age with hands-on hard drives, meaningful analogies and visual aids, history, humor, and science. The Science Sundays schedule is available at http://artsandsciences.osu.edu/research/science-sundays