Research Experience for Undergraduates

EHRD_REUThe NSF-funded CEM Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program focuses on fundamental and applied science of exotic and novel materials and next-generation electronics that move toward a new generation of low-power-dissipation high-density electronics. Research involves a wide range of projects, from injection and detection of spin-polarized electrons in silicon or graphene to growth and characterization of complex oxide multilayer structures for computer memory applications as well as modeling the behavior of skyrmion magnetic interfaces.


Two research programs are offered through CEM:

Students will participate in professional development activities focusing on preparing for graduate school and research related careers. They will also participate in peer networking and social activities. Successful REU applicants will be paired with a faculty mentor from a core CEM department (Physics, Materials Science & Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Chemistry) and will perform experimental or computational research projects aligned with CEM focal areas.

Eligibility Requirements

US citizen or permanent resident enrolled in an undergraduate degree program in physics, materials science, chemistry, or electrical/computer engineering. Members of groups under-represented in engineering or physical sciences are especially encouraged to apply.


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