IRG-3: Spin

Nonlinear Interactions Between Spin Flux and Engineered Magnetic Textures  

Study of spin transport has seen an explosion of interest and growth reflecting the IRG-Spin_Experimentrichness of the underlying physics and the potential for technological application. IRG-3 is exploring a new frontier in spin transport by moving beyond the regime of diffusive transport. Nonlinear magnetic dynamics will arise from non-adiabatic torques in sharp textures, collective transport in dynamic textures, and large spin fluxes. IRG-3 combines theory, modeling and ab-initio materials prediction with expertise in spin-thermal transport, diverse magnetic and semiconductor materials growth, and high sensitivity spin detection to provide foundations for new approaches to manipulation and control of spin transport.


  • Move beyond linear spin transport:  new realm for spin electronics functionality
    • Spin transport by novel spin fluid
    • Active control of spin flux in magnetically modulated semiconductor
    • Magnetic properties of phonons—magnetic control of heat flux

IRG-3 Faculty