Physics MS to PhD Bridge Program



The MS to PhD Bridge program at OSU strives to enhance the diversity of qualified applicants to physics PhD programs. The Bridge program is a two year program for students with a bachelors degree in Physics, or a closely related field, who are motivated to pursue a PhD, but require additional course work, training, and research experience to excel in a PhD program. Students take critical advanced undergraduate and graduate courses; receive substantial mentoring; join a physics research group; and gain teaching experience. The Bridge Program goes beyond the traditional classroom mode, students attend classes and study sessions that encourage them to learn from each other; but the key element is substantial, multifaceted, mentoring and tutoring. Each Bridge student is assigned a faculty research mentor who brings them into their lab where the student can develop research skills and gain insight into not just the techniques, but the process, of doing leading-edge research.

Bridge and Diversity Coordinator:  Crystal Moloney,  

Faculty Contact: Prof. Jon Pelz,

For additional information about the bridge program, visit OSU Master to PHD bridge program.

The OSU Physics Bridge Program is affiliated with and receives funding from the American Physical Society Bridge Program, the Center for Emergent Materials: an NSF MRSEC, and The Ohio State University College of Arts and Sciences, Graduate School, and Department of Physics.