Industry Seminar: “How to become a LabVIEW Professional and what to expect from your job” by Dr. Jan Jacob

July 29, 2015 @ 4:15 pm – 5:15 pm
1080 PRB

DrJanJacob“How to become a LabVIEW Professional and what to expect from your job”

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Dr. Jan Jacob
Werum Software & Systems AG
Wulf-Werum-Strasse 3
21337 Lueneburg

LabVIEW is a powerful software development environment mainly used for data acquisition and supervisory control solutions. While its graphical programming scheme often brings beginners fast success for their not so demanding tasks, it needs a structured learning path to become well acquainted with LabVIEW (as with any other language).

This talk presents valuable resources for advanced learning of LabVIEW-based software development including (online-) training courses, resources on National Instruments’ website, open source community resources as well as regional and international developer conventions. Also recommendations for common and proven architectures as well as general concepts to improve the quality of developed code are presented, including continuous integration processes like source code control, unit tests, and build management.

However, being well acquainted with a programming language, its architectural concepts, and software development principles in general doesn’t necessarily immediately lead to being successful and happy in a software development job.

Thus, the talk will also shed some light on typical jobs for LabVIEW professionals the pros and cons of them, the things recruiters look at in candidates’ resumes as well as possible career paths in industry for physicists with a strong software development background.